Ajascom International For Trading & Services Co., Ltd., headquartered in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China, has been a prominent player in the export industry since its establishment in 2013. Specializing in exporting Chinese products to the Arab world and beyond, we are committed to meeting international, Gulf, and Saudi Arabia specifications. With a comprehensive range of services encompassing general trading, customized manufacturing, provision of industrial production lines, and the establishment of factories, we aim to provide high-quality solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

We are proud to provide the best products that meet the needs of the world in accordance with international standards and work in a spirit of dedication to excellence, along with a deep understanding of the multiplicity and differences of cultures.


architectural photograph of lighted city sky
architectural photograph of lighted city sky

Our mission is to facilitate seamless trade between China and the Arab world while upholding the highest standards of quality, reliability, and integrity. We strive to foster long-term partnerships with both suppliers and clients, driving mutual growth and success.


Fields of Work

  1. General Trading:

    Ajascom International For Trading & Services Co., Ltd. as a trusted intermediary between Chinese manufacturers and global markets, facilitating seamless trade transactions across various industries.

  2. Customized Manufacturing:

    We offer customized manufacturing solutions to meet the unique requirements and specifications of our clients, ensuring the production of tailor-made products with precision and efficiency.

  3. Industrial Production Lines:

    Ajascom provides comprehensive industrial production lines, incorporating cutting-edge technology and processes to optimize productivity and quality across manufacturing operations.

  4. Establishment of Factories:

    Leveraging our expertise, we assist clients in establishing both large and small-scale factories with high-quality specifications, from planning and design to implementation and management.

The Goals Of The Company

  • Provide advice to companies, institutions and businessmen of the Arab homeland.

  • The company is seeking to establish a sustainable system work, contribute to building community and support the march of the Arab economy.

  • The company actively work to create and develop commercial and industrial opportunities aimed at various sectors of the economy in order to be the best partner and ally of major local and international companies.

  • Pick and choose the best manufacturers and are committed to applying the highest quality standards and international specifications.

  • Constant search for investment and commercial real opportunities.

  • Alliance with premium companies in its field, locally and internationally, to achieve common interests.

  • Building a broad and strong working relationships with local, regional and international business community in order to create jobs and stimulate trade cooperation.