It worked AJASCOM company since its inception from a wide network of clients all over the world configured to being a company with a good, diverse and specialized product in the field of construction equipment and methods in addition to providing all spare parts and mechanisms, these qualified us features to be one of the first suppliers of equipment and mechanisms heavy Chinese-made Middle East and Africa heeded the aspirations and desires of our customers with this addition to that we have multiple options for factories Chinese manufacturer of the equipment and heavy machinery as well as equipment and heavy machinery used, for example, cranes, dump trucks, cranes and on wheels, drilling equipment, mining equipment, excavators, agricultural equipment, bulldozers, and other carrying international brands, Komatsu, Volvo, JCB, Caterpillar, Sakai. And other brands of industrial machinery and equipment that has established its credibility and worthiness all over the world over the past years under the harsh working conditions, plus we specialize in shipping heavy equipment and machinery, plus her jaw, transfer and re-installed based on customer demand.

We always and never are ready to provide advice and technical and technical support before and after sale to all of our customers as we have extensive experience in the examination of all types of equipment and machinery in a scientific and technical to guarantee for our equipment and our clients achieve output directly and are not exposed their equipment damaged and safe to their high performance in a production run her life.

This also offer exceptional services such as cleaning equipment and mechanisms utilized structures service and repainted and are subject to pre-sales process to a comprehensive maintenance and change all third parties in favor of the pieces with new ones and make sure all our equipment and our machinery to proceed with its work after buying them in the execution sites and meet all the requests and desires of customers in all What the processing and maintenance of equipment according to their wishes.

We also offer a very wide range of heavy industrial equipment and mechanisms used explaining all the details of global brand from the date of production and the country of origin and all the technical specifications related to size and is unable to afford the performance and strength, so we encourage our customers to contact us for further assistance.

Heavy machinery and equipment:

Ajascom International Company owns the brand " CONMACH " of heavy machinery and equipment with international specifications and suitable for the requirements of the Arab world, as it is specially manufactured to suit the atmosphere and climate in the Arab world and Africa.